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Blasphemous II

Un post-mortem de Blasphemous 2 de 17 minutos con The Game Kitchen

El día después del exitoso lanzamiento de Blasphemous II pudimos echar un rato con los visiblemente agotados Enrique Cabeza y David Erosa para charlar sobre distintos aspectos del juego ahora que lo habíamos jugado de principio a fin. Esto incluye su narrativa confusa, su mayor presupuesto, sus innovaciones metroidvania, los parches para arreglar bugs y... Orospina, entre otros asuntos.

Transcripción del audio

"We're at Gamescom 2023 and I would have loved to film this interview with the Cathedral in the background because it would have been very convenient to talk with you guys and I've played Blasphemous 2, it released yesterday, yesterday was my birthday so thank you for that gift because the game is a blast, it's Blasphemous and I enjoyed that a lot and as you know I couldn't complete the first one but I felt good with this one so first of all congratulations and how do you guys feel other than tired?
We feel very excited seeing the first reaction of the public we have been waiting a lot to see the reaction of the press and the players so yeah, exciting times for us As Enrique said, we are kind of tired because there are so many emotions involved in releasing a game but we are really happy because we are seeing players starting to reveal secrets and to see stuff that we thought would take more time for them to find out and people are already helping each other, for example on Reddit and discovering the different enemies and the bosses that we have been keeping kind of secretly so yes, it's a very exciting and very emotional moment I now have more info, of course when I played the game in Seville it was just the first few minutes and now I've played the whole thing and it's big actually and the main new feature is that it's varied you can choose your path by choosing the weapon from the get-go so I chose the Sensor, sort of the flail type of weapon because I loved it for the impressions and it opened up a different path comparing to other players so my question is, how do you guys try to balance when you choose your weapon you can access some areas and then you can meet some enemies and then it will take a good while for you to unlock or to find the second weapon so how do you approach sort of the, ok this player is going to get to this point and perhaps they are not ready because they don't have the sword yet or the dual blades so how do you sort of approach that?
It was a process we did at the very beginning of the development so we make a lot of trial and error with the level designers we did this amazing job with the levels we have to control what part of the game can be revealed due to the weapon they choose so it's a very long process to have everything organized and prepared for any situation and in Adventurevania it's a very hard thing to do but we eventually managed to do the work with the level designers and think all the possibilities it's a matter of process, hard process and long process to make everything to fit fine and try to make a lot of people before the launch to play the game friends and colleagues and staff to test this aspect How do they feel about the difficulty?
Sometimes I think I got these peaks but of course you can also go back to the map and try and unlock new, for example, new potions for you to recover health or whatever or more to unlock more of the skill tree for the weapons so how do you feel about that?
What did they tell you?
Do you think now that the final game is out that is it perhaps too difficult at times or it is just a matter of players?
You've got the Metroidvania thing but also this sort of Souls-like touch to it, right?
We have read some comments of people helping each other so some people find the difficult one part and other players say hey, I really recommend this weapon instead and this build so the game allowed players to have more variety of the builds that they can do and the strategic aspect as well it's a matter of time that people have the right knowledge to create the exact build to recommend everybody to certain parts of the game and yeah, the game allowed players to be more creative and more experimental to experiment with different altar pieces and the rosary beads and stuff to do this and we think with this sequel we could allow players to do this because the first game was a smaller budget we couldn't do this variety of possibilities Back in Seville we talked about also art and level design as you mentioned and you know it's more ambitious as you just said so what can you tell us about the artistic work that went into it and how it pays into the lore of the game?
Of course there's much more to learn here there are much more characters you meet there is a lot of dialogue which is voiced act and then there's art supporting all this so what can you tell us about the work that went into making this lore more ambitious?
We continue the work that we did in Blasphemous 1 because we know people like it and will also like it a lot so we continue the same path because this art and lore is a very unique thing in this game it's the thing that defines this game so we wanted to continue and we opened the space for more influences to create a more rich world we look for new stuff in the southern Spanish culture new legends, new art, flamenco songs more music, more of everything There's a lot of hints in the music, right?
Yeah, a lot of hints and we have a lot of stuff to be influenced for and be creative so we did way more stuff than that and also in the first game we couldn't add stuff because of the budget limitation, the timing limitation so in the sequel we had the opportunity to add those stuff eventually in this game Anything you would like to add here?
As Enrique said, when people ask why did you make a sequel in part it's because we had so many things that we wanted to add into the first game like for example the three weapons it's something that we would have liked to have people sometimes request it would be nice to have some more variety on the weapons not only mea culpa, everybody loves mea culpa but it was something that we wanted to do and this gave us the opportunity to add all that kind of stuff And other than richer and deeper you guys are so stubborn to keep it very cryptic you told me about that in Seville we deliberately want it to be cryptic in terms of both perhaps narrative and also the way you guide the player I think it's nice in terms of guidance I think you don't feel lost at all but what about the narrative itself?
Do you think you went too far?
Sometimes I ask you about difficulty I think this is another thing sometimes I really don't know what they mean perhaps it's me but sometimes I want to really understand the reference or understand why this lady is telling me this in such an obscure way and sometimes as the penitent one I think I've lost my purpose I don't know why am I doing this what I was doing why am I heading this way why do I want to kill these people so how do you feel about that?
and I know it's deliberate, right?
Yeah, it's a matter of atmosphere everything is about atmosphere so we particularly like video games that give me a space to wonder to think and to activate my imagination so nowadays there are a lot of games that explain a lot to the player and that's ok but it's not my personal style I like games that activate my imagination and allow me to think and to feel the world in a special way so the narrative we did was very poetic maybe also cryptic as well but we think it fits with this weird world that everything is religious everything is poetic in a special way sometimes for me as an art director and the writer I rather have a character that shocks the player you have a bunch of those instead of explaining too much so I think it's a mix of visual that helps players to activate their imagination as maximum as possible and let the guidance to a side and all is about atmosphere he won't give me any clue for me to understand the game better you see that, he won't give me anything else we wanted to create the main plot very, I think, comprehensible so the main plot is understandable but the game is full of little stories I like to say that Blasphemous is not one story but a story made of small stories like small legends that live together in a world so you can read the item descriptions and you will find a short tale about that item that is interesting to keep in mind because it's also a clue sometimes on how you can use that item and you went really innovative in a few things in terms of gameplay I don't know for which one is this one but I enjoyed how you guys used this sun mechanic and I enjoyed how you guys used this I don't want to spoil it but the way you, in a specific scenario you go from one way of the screen to the other for example or how there's a specific collectible that makes a ladder or a tower for you to climb I think those are a bunch of examples of how you guys try to innovate into the metroidvania genre so what can you tell us about this about this going on?
So many of those features and interactions are things that really fit into a metroidvania game and this time we wanted to make a more pure metroidvania game because Blasphemous, the first game is often called a metroidvania but it's not really a pure metroidvania there are some zones that are not really required to traverse which you can miss and it's okay but this time you need certain abilities to get through a new zone or to enter the new zone so as we wanted sorry, as we knew what we wanted to do we started the game from scratch we could fit these features into the game so we could have more creativity when the game designers had more creativity they were allowed to explore more new features more new mechanics and abilities that couldn't get into the first game because it was, let's say that the first game was made with limited budget and time restrictions so it was done straight this way but this time we had more time, the budget and the knowledge about how to do these things so there were so many new things to explore and there are many many things that were left behind for a threequel no no, these are mechanics that was coming, what's next?
I think this is going to be a runaway success and congratulations on that what can we expect next from you guys?
are you actually thinking about using this universe or something else?
what we expect for sure are long holidays alright is that a game that you want to..."

"we are waiting for more player reactions alright and reviews we'll think about all of those to see what we can do where to head next I forgot to mention the lost sisters that's another mechanic that I loved the way you use audio in there audio is fantastic in this game and the way you use audio to find something I don't want to spoil it but you sort of use audio to find secrets and that's interesting we're almost done here we also found a bunch of glitches small bugs etc I played on the suites I guess PC is leading here and then you guys converted to the suites they weren't game breaking only one was specifically annoying but the rest was like oh, this just needs some polish but you can play the game so what can you tell us about the status of the game how you plan to patch it in the upcoming weeks because it released yesterday well, the thing is that the PC version, the Steam version is the one that leads development so we create the PC version of the game and then there's this porting process in which the game is taken to different consoles and this is a process that takes some time so if you played the PC version of the game during a review you would have played the game that was released yesterday but if you were reviewing on a console you might have played a previous version of the game which contained some glitches and some bugs maybe but most of those were fixed for the PC version and anyway we know that when the game releases it's played by a huge variety of players with different PC configurations and different ways of playing which is something that it happens with the three weapons the different combinations for the board so we know that we might get some issues or some combinations that might not work but we already have an eye on those we already have a few things noted down the patch is coming it's coming already it's not that we have to wait all right, we have to cut here so quickly favorite character or boss and I start El Afilador Orospina Ok, thank you so much for your time guys enjoy the success I think it's really nice and I think it's a celebration see you back in Spain thank you very much"





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