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Nuevo contenido el 31 de julio

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Funcom tiene ya lista la primera expansión de contenido para el recién lanzado MMO The Secret World. La actualización estará disponible el próximo martes 31 de julio.

El MMO arrancó hace unos días (pronto, con más horas de juego online, podrás leer el análisis de The Secret World en Gamereactor). Funcom pretende mantener el tirón del juego mediante la introducción de nuevas misiones y una nueva modalidad Nightmare (Pesadilla) para dos mazmorras. También estrenará un nuevo Marketplace (Mercado) interdimensional.

The Secret World

Esta nueva actualización de contenido para The Secret World se titula Unleashed. A continuación, la descripción oficial de las nuevas misiones (de momento en su inglés original):

"Carter Unleashed: An action mission set at the Innsmouth Academy on Solomon Island, where the player gets to know more about the exceptionally gifted student Carter. Exploring the hallway below the academy, Carter will need help controlling her powers - before they get completely out of hand.

Crime and Punishment: Bestselling horror author Sam Krieg came to Solomon Island to write his latest novel - but there's more to it than that. Through this investigation, the player will dig into Krieg's works and the mind of an obsessed fan to learn more about the dark and hidden history of Solomon Island.

Hell & Bach: Daredevil reporter Daniel Bach is working on the story of all stories, his shot at finally winning a Pulitzer. For years, he's been chasing the ghost of Theodore Wicker, only to end up trapped at the Overlook Motel outside Kingsmouth Town. But Wicker's story doesn't end here - nor did it start here. Following the bread crumbs back in time, the player will investigate the mystery of Wicker, and learn more about what brought him to the gates of hell...and beyond.

Funeral Crasher: Eleanor Franklin only has her cats and her ghosts to keep her company at her mansion in Blue Mountain - and now the ghosts are getting restless. When the dead themselves are spooked, the living must pay heed.

The 3rd Age: There have been Ages before ours, and the evidence lies beneath. In Egypt, the sand is thin, and the remnants of past Ages are beginning to spread their influence across the world. The Seven Sentinels hold the key to an investigation that begins in the present, and delves deep into the distant past.

Red Handed: It wasn't chance that brought Dr Varias to this distant part of the Carpathians at this particular point in time. Following in his father's footsteps, Varias is attempting to unravel the mystery of the Red Hand. Why did they build a vast facility beneath this desolate region? What were they doing here? And how was Varias' father involved? In this investigation, we answer some burning questions about this secret Soviet era genetic research project - and how it ties into the events of the present."

The Secret World

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